Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catching up on monthly portrait layouts.

 Par`t of what I did during LOAD was to catch up on some of the pages I've been meaning to do over the last few months.  These are Michaela's monthly portrait layouts.  The first one was already done, but the rest had been put off until now.  You'll notice that month 3 is conspicuously absent.  I was one of the many people caught up in the disastrous bankruptcy situation that happened at Picture Me Portrait studios.  They were the company that leased space in Walmart and Sears all over the country.   I had my senior pictures done there and all of Lilah's monthly first year photos, but I guess I was one of the few people who used them very regularly.  In any case, they are gone now along with Michaela's 3 month pictures and Lilah's two year ones.  It really is a shame that they were so disorganized about their wind down that so many people lost their pictures forever. They are offering refunds, but that's not really the point, is it? But I digress. I'm loving these layouts of my littlest girl.