Thursday, September 26, 2013

Creative Knockouts--Robyn's Fetish

I guess I should have known that if scrapbookers are using digital tools to make layouts, then cardmakers probably are as well, but I recently stumbled upon a whole new side of digi crafting: DIGITAL STAMPS!  You know when you go to the craft store and see all those adorable images of snowmen, and pumpkins, and little mice dressed up in clothes, and you think I would love to be able to include that image in some of my work.  But…I DO NOT want that huge 5x7 wood mounted stamp taking up the precious room in my crafting space.  I have more stuff in this place than I have room for…maybe that’s hyperbole, but only a little bit.  I’m constantly bursting out of my craft space and into other areas of my house. 
Many husbands would find that annoying, but not mine!  He sees it as an opportunity!  If I can’t manage to keep my hobby contained in its space, how could he possibly be expected to keep his in his room.  After all, he builds models, they’re not flat like paper.  At least it seems like that’s his thought process because the few times when my craft supplies are only where they belong, I find far less space marines invading areas of my house that don’t belong to them.  That’s the reason that I was so happy to find cling stamps that take up so much less space than wood-mounted stamps.  The more stuff I can cram into my craft storage cubes, the less space marines are on my dining room table (and the less acrylic paint I find on Lilah’s clothes, but that’s another story).  So if I was happy to learn about cling stamps, you can imagine how excited I was to find stamps that took up no physical space at all. 

I was so excited that I rushed right out and joined a design team: Creative Knockouts.  Creative Knockouts is a challenge blog that gives readers a recipe each week for designing a card.  I’m the first scrapbooker to become part of the team, and it’s going to be fun to try to adapt recipes for a card to scrapbooking layouts.  This week they gave me a nice, easy challenge to start: use your favorite things! The sponsor for this week was Robyn’s Fetish, a fabulous digital stamp designer with a really varied catalog of images.  I knew I was going to Disney with my sister-in-law and my daughters.  When I think Disney, I think teacups, so I picked the English Tea Cup at the top of the post.
Since the challenge was to use our favorite things, I went right to one of my favorite digital designers, Peppermint Granberg of One Little Bird Designs.  Her Fairy Tale kit seemed perfectly suited for the picture of our group in front of Cinderella Castle. Continuing on the track of including my favorite things, I used brads, buttons, frames, and flat stickers from the kit.  I love the way that the English Teacup ties the photo to the journaling.  What do you think?

Thanks for the stamp, Robyn’s Fetish!  Head on over there to see what other goodies that they have for sale.