Saturday, October 19, 2013

Simple Sketches #8: Dog Pile & Conversations with Lilah

It's fabulous to watch how a 2-year-old mind works and to attempt to mold it. Every once in a while, I find myself in a conversation with my little people that is both hilarious and heart-breaking.  Yesterday I had one of those. Brooke and Jordan were over for the day, which is always fodder for a funny story.

Conversations at the church that my sister and the twins go to have a bit more emphasis on the Holy Ghost than the churches I grew up in.  Since they're only 3, the twins have put together from TV and general observations that ghosts are supposed to be scary, so the Holy Ghost must be scary too. That led to the following conversation yesterday.

Brooke: The Holy Ghost is here!
Jordan: The Holy Ghost is scary!
Twins together: I'm scared!
Me: Don't be scared.  The Holy Ghost isn't scary. The Holy Ghost is nice.
Lilah:  The Holy Ghost is nice?
Me: Yes.
Lilah: I want to see the Holy Ghost.
Me: The Holy Ghost isn't really something you see.  It's more something that you feel.
Lilah: (crying)
Me: Sweetie, what's the matter?
Lilah (crying): I want you to show me the Holy Ghost.  I want to see it!
Me: Oh, Sweetie.  Don't cry. I'm sure you'll feel the Holy Ghost someday.

So funny, but it pulled at my heart at the same time!  Since we're on the subject of my lovely Lilah, I have a new layout to share using a sketch by Melissa over at Simple Sketches.  Here's the sketch

I love a good challenge. One of the things that I'm loving about being on the design team at Simple Sketches is that Melissa keeps pushing me outside my box.  For this sketch, I went digi.  I copied the sketch pretty much exactly because this was just a small thing that I wanted to get down quickly  
   Credit Amanda Heimann: Party Rockers Kit

I just love how Lilah is always right in the middle with the two of them.  It's great that they're all growing up so close.