Saturday, March 8, 2014

Looking Back on Disney

Last month, I shared the prep work that I did to prepare for scrapping on the road at Disney, so I thought I'd come back and share what I came home with.

This is the cover page.  I left it pretty simple, and decided to title it Orlando 2014 because I'm going to keep this same mini album going for all our trips to see my sister in law (and The Mouse of course) this year. This page and the second one got a little crumpled (the danger of letting a 1-year-old handle my books)  Most of the pictures I used in the book were printed using my Polaroid Z2300 camera, but it won't print pictures taken on my phone.  I only took phone pictures on our trip down, so I had to do this page in digi.

Our first day in Florida, was spent at home with Crystal and the puppies.

Crystal was off work on the Monday that we were there, so she got to come to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with us. Yay for Harry Potter!

We went back again without Crystal the next day. The kiddos were super tired by the end of the day.

Wednesday was a lazy morning followed by a show at Animal Kingdom in the afternoon, but Thursday was a full day at MGM and Epcot.

Is it bad that I love taking pictures of them passed out together in the stroller?  Looking back now, I know that I should have let them rest on Friday, but I can never leave well enough alone, so we went to Magic Kingdom in the morning before we started the drive home.

I love that using the Honey Project Life Core kit, there are lots of colors and patterns, but it's still a very simple thing to put together.  I was pretty happy wit the simplicity of this system, and I'm going to mostly stick to it for the rest of the trips, except that I won't bring as many embellishments with me in the future. There is so much going on with the cards and photos by themselves, that it really didn't need many more embellishments, and any additional embellishing that I did want to do, I could do at home after the trip.

With my $20 gift card from the MOC at the Lilypad, I bought several sets from Project Mouse.

I'll be alternating between the Project Mouse set an the Project Life Honey Edition Core Kit for our trips this year.

I'd love to see what you're doing to document Disney or how you're using your 6x8 project life binders.  Leave me a comment or link to your project below!