Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Template Tuesday #3

This week's template was based on a layout I did for 3 Scrappy Boys.  I loved the end result of the layout, but I wasn't a big fan of all the fussy cutting required to get the effect.

You can get the same design effect with none of the fussy cutting work.  If you want it to look like the circles are all part of the same patterned paper, clip your papers to each circle, clear all the layer styles for all the circles then merge all the circle layers.

I wasn't particularly careful about fussy cutting the circle pattern because I don't really like fussy cutting (have I mentioned that once or twice?), but if that's a look you like, you can get that too.  After you have merged the circle layers (don't forget to clear the layer styles first), hold down control (command on Mac) and click on the thumbnail image of the circles layer in the layers pallette.

You should get the marching ants around the layer.  Create a new layer below the circles layer by holding down control while the layer is selected and pressing the new layer button.

Under the "Select" drop down menu, choose "Modify," and then "Expand."  I would start with 40 px or so, but continue to expand until all the space between the circles is included in the selection (alternately, you could use the selection brush wit the "Add to Selection" option to fill in the spaces between the circles).

Next, fill your selection using the paint bucket tool. Now you have a clipping mask to add a background paper  like the grid you see in the paper layout.

Whether you modify it, or use it just as it is, I hope you enjoy the template and link back to your projects in the comments section!