Friday, March 1, 2013

I'm still here.

February was a really productive month for me. You've all seen the birthday party, but what you didn't see was that I also completed 2 more sets of revisions on my dissertation, met with two of my committee members, cleaned out my hall closet, and sorted through the entire family's wardrobes getting rid of all the clothes that were too worn, small, or ugly to be worn ever again.  On top of that, my good friend Loraine and I started a IRL group through for papercrafters.  We've already had our first get together, and we have another one planned for the end of March! It was quite exciting to finally get together with other people who are interested in the same hobby as me without being pressured to buy creative memories products.

I haven't forgot about the blog though.  I've been making templates and layouts to share even though I haven't been able to share them before now.  All the pages and templates I'm sharing with you today are from Lilah's birthday.  I've made the layouts using the Remember the Magic kit from No Reimer Reason.  It went really well with the pictures from the party.  I also used the Walt Disney font. Hope you like them!

This first layout is of Lilah as we sung happy birthday to her, and she (read: Daddy) blew out her candle.

This layout was pretty true to the template that I started with (pictured below). The main things that I changed were the locations of the title and the journaling. Get the template here.

The next layout is full of pictures of all the little details of the party.  It was really self-explanatory, so I didn't feel like I needed to add any journaling at all.  The number of pictures that I had didn't really match up with the number in the template, so I did a little bit of moving things around, and added a couple of borders to tie things together. 

Download the template here.

The next layout has pictures of all the guests at our party. I just love the girls in their polka dots!

Download it here.

And last, but not least is the layout showing Lilah opening all of her presents

Download it here.

These four layouts will go into Lilah's scrapbook as two two-page spreads.  I think she's really going to enjoy looking at these when they get into her book.  I do print our personal books at 12x12 from, I print them glossy.  I know that lots of digital scrapbookers like to print layouts on matte paper, but I just think that it's more true to what I see on the screen when I print glossy, so that's what I do.  I am, however, excited to try their new metallic prints for some layouts that I'm going to put on the walls, but more on that later.