Saturday, February 16, 2013

6 x 6 Ring Albums

12 x 12 D-ring albums are huge.  Huge isn't even the word.  They are enormous!  They have their place.  I have two of them.  I use one to store pictures that I think I want to scrap, and the other one is used to store pages, when I'm not sure which album or order to put them in.  I like my 12 x 12 albums for myself.  I like that I can fit lots of fussy details on that size of a page.  I like that I can sit with a 12 x 12 and work on a page for an hour or so.  It is, however, a difficult size to work with for gifts.  Especially when you're going to be mailing your gifts like I do.  I've tried 8x8 post bound albums for gifts, and they're fine, but I know that I find it obnoxious to take apart a post bound album  to put new pages in it, so I can't expect friends and family to have to do it.  Likewise, it gets a bit expensive to keep buying new albums.  The next thing I tried were the 6 x 6 mini album style that you get at Michael's.  Those were nice because they're crazy cheap, but I have to make them separate, self-contained projects.  It doesn't work to just print off extra copies of the pages that I've made for the girls' books.

Enter We R Memory Keepers.  They make 6 x 6 D-ring albums now!  I think that I'll be giving those out for Mother's Day this year.  I will have to modify my layouts a little bit (mostly just putting journaling on the page opposite the layout, so that it's legible), but they'll be able to fit 40-50 layouts each, and they'll be really easy for the grandparents to add new pages to the end, instead of getting a whole new book every Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthday, etc.  The other nice thing about that size is that it's easy to print 4 6x6 pages as a 12 x 12 and cut them apart to save money on printing costs!  So excited!