Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Silly Mistake

So, I've been working happily along with my August Counterfeit Kit (better than a boy).  I've made 4 layouts with it so far.  I've been enjoying it so much.  I was all ready to share them in this post when I realized my silly mistake.

I've never been on a design team before, so I'm not used to having to hold things back before I publish them.  I was so excited to work with my counterfeit kit, and so excited to work on my simple sketches, that I used them both together.  This would be all well and good except that the sketches I was working with aren't due to be released until September!  Oh goodness me!

I do have a bunch of pieces of the kit left, so I'll have to get myself in gear and make something I can actually share on here!

So, I dug back into my files, and found a layout that I loved but hadn't shared yet.

I like this layout mostly for the pictures.  If I had it to do over again, I would tone down the shadows, mat the pictures, and move and duplicate the flower so that I would create a diagonal line from top left to bottom right of the page.  That being said, there were so many negative things going on around this time, but we were determined to see the tremendously happy event of the girls' arrival for what it was...a gift.  I love that despite what was going on, we found the strength to smile and to celebrate life.