Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trying to catch up

My sister in law is staying with us this week, and we're having a great time.  It's been almost 2 years since she's been here, so I've had fun showing off all the little (and not so little) projects I've been doing around the house since she was last here.  While I know that a ton of projects have been completed, looking through all of these things keeps reminding me of all the projects that are in closets all over the house abandoned partway through. I think that most people who like to do crafts have abandoned projects.  There are all sorts of reasons:  you ran out of time, you ran out of space, you just got bored with it, it was just too overwhelming.  I'm realizing that I have all of this stuff.  I just need to get these projects finished. So, in no particular order, here's the list of projects that I'm trying to make a dent in before I start anything else
  • Michaela's summer baby quilt
  • Michaela's winter baby quilt
  • A knitted baby blanket
  • reupholstering my couches
  • painting the basement
  • New covers for the dining room chairs
  • reupolstering the "thinking chair" (long story for another time)
  • Diploma framing/family collage wall
  • Beach bags for Maggie and Loraine
  • Twin Comfortors for the girls (Hawaiian Fabric)
  • Fill in Michaela's Baby book
  • Hang mirrors in dining room
Tell me I'm not the only one!  What projects are sitting around your house undone?