Friday, December 27, 2013

A minibook surprise

I've been thinking about an end of the year project for a while now.  I was thinking that I would do another yearbook (like the one I made for the BPC 12/12/12 at home class last year), but after the lovely time we had on Christmas, a minibook seemed like the perfect way to commemorate it. 

I printed pictures from my DSLR using my Z2300 polaroid camera (if you're thinking about buying one...DON'T! Get one of those Zink Happy printers instead, the camera is awful.  I end up just using it as a printer).  I've been eyeing these little faux leather binders in the electronics section of walmart for a while.  They're $4, meant to be CD cases, and it always seems like they should be able to fit 6 x 6 in page protectors...they don't, but as it happens, they're great for a sturdy minibook.

If there is one scrappy lesson I've learned during 2013, it's that if you want to get a project done fast, you need to limit your supplies.  I limited mine to my 2012 3 Scrappy Boys Trio Kit.  Here's what I came up with.  Hope you like it!