Monday, December 16, 2013

All the silly little things you do

Lilah is both precocious and hilarious, as I've been reminded several times this week.  She is always paying attention to what is going on around her, even when nobody is paying attention to her.  On Thursday, Loraine came by with a catalog for Jamberry.  I'd never heard of the company before, but they sell designer nail overlays.  I wasn't really interested, so she held onto the catalog, and we moved on with the conversation.  It shouldn't have been a surprise to me that my little girly girl would want to hear more, but she stopped me in my tracks when she broke into our conversation and asked Loraine, "Whatcha got there in your hand, hun?"  While I was laughing hysterically, Loraine didn't miss a beat, and launched into her sales pitch.

Since Loraine had forgotten to bring the card order she had for me home from work, we stopped by her office on Friday to pick it up.  Lilah was in her carseat in the third row, listening to me having a conversation with Loraine at my window.  Loraine is making some changes to her house, and we were trying come up with a solution to a minor construction project.  We figured it out, and she was so excited at the simplicity of the solution that she did a little happy dance.  Lilah, decided to provide her with some music and started singing the theme song from Bob the Builder, because, well...Could there have been another song more appropriate for that moment?

She's so smart that it's easy to forget that she's still only two.  Saturday, we were supposed to have a field trip to the National Children's Museum with Maggie, but it snowed all day, so the trip got cancelled.  Instead, I decided that we'd have our slumber party under the Christmas tree.  Michaela needs a bit of isolation to sleep (in her crib, in her own room), so she didn't participate.  Lilah had mommy and daddy all to herself.  Apparently, she still wanted to see Maggie, because as soon as we got our bed set up on the floor next to the tree, she started dancing around singing, "Maggie Claus is coming to town!"