Thursday, July 4, 2013

June Counterfeit Kit

The Counterfeit Kit Challenge has been an intriguing idea to me for a few months now.  The basic idea is that every month they post a picture of a kit that is on sale from a kit club, and you go into your stash with that kit in mind to counterfeit it.  I like this idea because I collect supplies more than I think that I should, so it's a priority for me to use the things that I've collected. I also like this idea because to my mind it's a lot like a journaling prompt.  I work well with prompts because I don't take them too literally, and I let my mind go where it wishes from there.  Likewise, the photos of the beautiful kits bring certain supplies to mind, and I can build a kit up from those bones.
June was the first month that I attempted the challenge.  They had several kits to choose from, so I picked one that had colors I have a tendency to collect. Since I love these colors anyway, I naturally love the kit. What I really loved about the kit were the painted transparencies that I used to counterfeit the Heidi Swap acrylic letters with the help of my Silhouette.  I know I've said it before, but I love that machine.  I also used staz on ink to make my own black striped transparencies.  I have a whole box of these transparancies that I got from a friend who was planning to throw them away, I find myself including them more and more with my scrapbooking.

We spent a few days in Orlando with my sister-in-law during June, so I had several adorable photos to scrap.  I put the kit to use right away.  From these supplies I made 5 layouts and a father's day mini book for Alfred. I don't have the mini book since it's sitting on Daddy's desk at work, but here are the layouts from the kit (I didn't even use half of it).  I'm contemplating whether I'll keep the kit in a project envelope and keep working with it or if I'll break it apart and put it with the rest of my stash.

I love living in the nice ocean colors of my house, but being in Crystal's apartment reminded me yet again how much that it affects my pictures.  It was nice not to have to open up the raw files and turn up the temperature and exposure like I have to at home.
 While we were at Crystal's house, we had to see Lilah's friends.  After another surgery, I wasn't up for a day at Magic Kingdom, but I figured I could handle a character breakfast and a walk through Downtown Disney.
 Perhaps the Downtown Disney part of the plan wasn't my best idea ever.  We got some cute pictures, but by the time we got back to the apartment, we were completely exhausted.  What can I say? Overdoing it is a bit of a character flaw for me.
 We just wandered around a while in Downtown Disney, but I definitely think that I'd like to check out Disney Quest.  I've been to Disney World several times since it was built, but I've never had the time or inclination to put that on the agenda.  After a couple hours in June heat in Orlando, an indoor attraction was starting to look like a pretty good idea.