Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lovely Girl

One of my goals for LayOut A Day (LOAD513) was to take better pictures. It always helps to have a lovely subject.  My girl is two. You always hear about the "terrible twos," but I just don't see it. Does she have a bit of a tantrum every once in a while? Of course.  She's two.  The funny thing is, that she doesn't want to have the tantrums.  You can tell that she's just lost control, and she needs a chance to recompose herself.  We've worked out a deal.  When she needs to have a good fit or she's just lost control, she takes herself to the couch in the living room.  That way I don't feel stressed because she's clinging to me, and she as a chance to calm down with out me fussing at her.  I love how colorful this layout is.  It captures my little girl so well.
 I made this background ages ago, but I didn't have the right picture to go with it until this month.  We took this picture at a lunch with my classmates before graduation.  I used it to tell a story about how we've called her by her nickname so much that she didn't know her middle name wasn't just Belle.  I'll never forget her looking at me like I was completely stupid and saying, "Yes...Lilah...IS a bell."
 I thought it would be fun to compare a couple of candids of my girl taken a year apart.  It's amazing to see all the ways that she's changing, but it's also great to see the things that are staying the same.