Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Process Video

  I have been wanting to do video for a long time.  When I upgraded my Photoshop Elements to version 9 a couple of years ago, I got the bundle with Premier Elements as well.  I figured that I would want to edit all sorts of video of my little girl (I was pregnant at the time with my first daughter).  I found that the whole thing was just too intimidating for me to even begin, and now, 3 years later, I have still barely even opened Premier Elements.  When I upgraded to Elements 11, I didn't even bother with the bundle.
  Then, my sister purchased a (gasp!) Mac Book.  They always say that video is super easy to do with a Mac, and when she got hers, she immediately fell into it.  She's been really busy lately, so we haven't spent as much time together as I would have liked, so when she said that she was interested in doing a process video, I pounced.  I know that scrapbooking process videos weren't what she had in mind, but I'm pretty comfortable with my paper, and I thought it would be a great addition to the blog.  Plus, it would motivate my uber busy sister to make spending some time with me a priority (enter evil, maniacal laughter here).
  We were going to start with her just teaching me how to do the editing of family videos from the 4th of July on her Mac, but I quickly became frustrated with the Mac interface, and I told her that if she was happy doing all the work of editing, then I was happy to turn it all over to her (enter more maniacal laughter).  So, instead of doing all the editing together she decided that we should just video my process.  I was not ready at all, but you grab moments with younger sisters wherever you find them, so I snatched the July counterfeit kit I'd made and just started winging it.
  Can I just say that I'm so glad for my sister because I would have thrown in the towel as soon as I realized that when the camera stopped rolling, I had about 3 times more video than I thought anyone would want to see.  Thanks to her enthusiasm, I kept going, and I'm completely floored at the result.  (To be quite honest, I was floored way before we got to this point.  Video editing was way more involved than I thought it was going to be.)  What do you think?

Not a bad first try, huh?  Thank you so much, Alyssa.  You Rock!