Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Lilypad: Month of Challenges

At the end of last month, I saw an announcement that was going to be having a month of challenges, and they were giving away 2 Pollywog (their creative team) spots as one of the prizes.  

I don't know if you've noticed, but I have quite the paper habit, so I don't allow myself that much of a budget for my digi supplies.  I get The Digi Files, and I go shopping on Digital Scrapbook Day, but that's really just about it.  I'm kind of in love with several of the designers at The Lilypad, so I figure being a Polly might be a way for me to get my hands on some more of their fabulous stuff.  

Of course, since I'm me, I couldn't just do the MOC.  I decided to do ALL of the challenges they're running on the site this month.  One challenge per day, plus the 7 monthly challenges, plus 4 weekly challenges, that's 42 digi layouts this month. So far, I have 16.  I don't know that you'll be seeing all of them, but I know you'll see a bunch (I might even turn some of them into templates).  

The one problem (if you want to call it that) I've run into is that I'm "caught up" with my recent photos, and it's January (read: really, really flippin cold!) so the babies and I are not going anywhere. (There are only so many pictures of the inside of my house that I'm going to feel compelled to scrap.) So I started digging into some of my old photos and (GASP!)...scanned them! I even scanned some post cards for the layout above.

It was scraplifted from this layout from one of the Pollys, Melissa.

Are you doing any challenges this year?