Friday, January 4, 2013

Kids say (and do) the darnedest things

My daughter, Lilah, is a very precocious little girl.  I've lost track of all the words she has learned because she picks them up so quickly.  She's a bit of a mimic.  She copies new words she hears until she learns to use them correctly.  Her younger sister is only 2 months old, so I'm still breastfeeding her.  To be more accurate, I'm pumping and feeding her breast milk through a bottle (I don't like her latching.; It hurts. Don't judge me.). Anyway, that means that every 3-4 hours I have to sit down and hook myself up to my pump for 10 minutes, and apparently, my big girl has been watching me because a couple of weeks ago my husband snapped this picture
What you see in her hands are the two microphones attached to a karaoke machine that her twin cousins received for Christmas.  In the middle of the living room at my parents house, my little girl unzipped her footie pajamas down to her belly button, put the two microphones to her chest and declared, "I'm pumping! I'm pumping the baby milk from the nipples." It was just hysterical.  Of course, when her cousins saw her pumping, they wanted to do it too, so everybody started taking turns at the "pump."  My poor father was completely mortified.