Sunday, January 13, 2013

This Kid Just Amazes Me

Lilah is a really smart kid.  I know every parent says that, but this kid is something else!  She can sing the whole A,B, C song. This morning, she brought me letters from the fridge and correctly identified every one she brought me: F, W, O, M.  Yep, you saw that right.  She can identify both an M and a W correctly, but she will also turn each one upside down and tell you that it's upside down and looks like the other letter, but it isn't. She won't even be two until next month!   Then, I asked her to put her puzzles together.  She has three wooden puzzles that she got for Christmas.  One is all bugs, another all animals, and the third is a combination of bugs, animals, and people.  Both the bug puzzle and the combination puzzle have caterpillar on them.  This morning, she took the caterpillar out of one of the puzzles and said, "That's a caterpillar!"
"You're right!" I said  She picked up the caterpillar from the other puzzle and said,
"It's like this one."   She lined them up against each other to prove to herself that they were the same shape. It's just a small thing, but it really amazes me every time she figures something new out on her own.
For instance, last night my mom brought me a whole big box of Meyer lemons sent to us by our friend Barbara in California.  I gave her a lemon to smell, and she pointed at one end and said, "It's the lemon's tail!"  We giggled at first, but then my mom asked her,
"Well, if that's the tail, what's the other end?"  She thought about it for a few seconds.
"Hmmmmm.....The nose!"  That girl's a thinker!